The Wisdom Gained

Thankfully, I knew a great deal about my mother and began to develop ideas I could use from her life, her biographical information. My aim was to find ways to retrieve her older memories and occasionally “open the door” to the present as often as possible. I started creating a regime of activities from those initial ideas. Once I started utilizing those activities, I was amazed. Mom was able to engage with me more often than not. She enjoyed participating, especially as I learned how to alternate activities now and then. Of course, I respected her need to rest or just relax whenever she gave me a cue to pause. But surprisingly, she was eager to join in on conversation and activities. She was able to emerge out of the shadows.

These irreplaceable days with my mother gave me so much. I learned Mom was still there, just in various forms. She deserved my undying love, respect, understanding, praise, patience and concern. And, I realized even more, that each of us deserves that. During Mom’s last years of life and since, I have shared the techniques she and I developed together. I have witnessed how those with dementia and Alzheimers blossom with these activities. It didn’t matter where the individuals lived, at home, in assisted living or nursing home facilities, or in hospices. What did matter was the one-on-one aspect, looking into each other’s eyes, holding each other’s hands, and sharing the life of that person.

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