We at Helping Hands believe it is integral to provide instruction to those interested in our methods and offer multiple means to acquire it. Individual, and various group training possibilities are outlined below.

Individual & Family Instruction

Family members are offered detailed explanation and instruction in the various memory stimulation techniques wherever their loved one resides. Quite often, when families learn and continue to implement aspects of these activities, between Helping Hands sessions, their family member exhibits more frequent moments of clarity and recognition. When families visit from out of town, arrangements can be made for similar instruction as well.

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facility Instruction

Helping Hands is happy to provide instruction to assisted living and nursing home employees and volunteers. We conduct group sessions at facilities where there is interest in supplementing our techniques.

Hospice Instruction

Alternate and less demanding methods are available for instruction to hospice facility employees and volunteers.

Group Presentations

Group Presentations describing our services are conducted for religious groups, community groups, and other large groups who have the desire to learn more about us and our approach.

Memory Retrieval Methods Workshops

Memory Retrieval Workshops are to be scheduled on a monthly basis. These workshops will provide the most comprehensive instruction regarding our processes. Information on dates, locations, times and registration will be distributed via our email newsletter.

Brain Body Balance Workshop

A 5 part series using the 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch).

More Support Coming

Other types of workshops are in the making and will be announced on our website, as well as in our newsletter, as they develop.